The art of proportion and disproportion
The commitment: to craft each project into the fabric and thickness of the walls; to play with proportions, inside and out; to give the right balance to woodwork by being bold with dimensions, choosing, perhaps, very tall interior shutters in the style of an orangery, or a deliberately small door, or a low window to accentuate a roof and balance the whole picture.
The ritual of a purifying bath
Jet shower, hammam, Roman bath… under the Mediterranean influence bathrooms take on a divine beauty. Using sensual materials such as tadelakt or smooth stone, and minimalist shapes, the aim is to achieve a perfect balance between simplicity and the luxury of top quality bathroom fittings from Volevatch.
Architecture also grows in the garden
To make the harmony of a place sing, the interior and the exterior must play in unison. An 18th century metal gate, or an archway are simply reference points on a musical score which continues it's refrain into the garden. And life under the Provençal sun is naturally arranged around a swimming pool and a pool-house, that seem always to have been there.
Planting steps into nature
With a penchant, rooted in their hearts, for combining architecture with landscape, Sara and Jean-Luc like to plant old cobblestones near the houses they have designed or restored. Like a final touch allowing nature to regain control of mankind, where the cobbles grow freely, where weeds overrun the stone, take hold and finish by escaping into the neighbouring fields.
Taming shadow and light
Like Provençale beauties who protect their pretty complexions from the sun under great hats, the houses designed by Sara and Jean-Luc are crowned by natural wicker pergolas. These golden twigs let showers of sunlight pass through at midday but are just as effective at providing shelter from an unexpected shower.
Building on dreams
 “We are constantly listening to our customers. Sometimes we revisit their childhood with them and give shape to their imagination…” adding a touch of inventiveness or extravagance, if necessary! Why not combine work and pleasure and design an office-garage worthy of the passion of a collector.


La Maison de Charrier Boutique
1, faubourg Saint Esprit
06560 Valbonne, France


Bureau d'études Spirito Montalto
1, faubourg Saint Esprit
06560 Valbonne, France


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