Let the light wander…
Each space is a backdrop, where the eye can gently wander. Here, more than ever, perspective and the rhythm of the walls take on their full significance. Every transition, every arrangement of interior doors must be studied and studied again, so that their proportions may direct the light.
Hanging paintings on architecture
As artists Jean-Luc Charrier and Sara Giunta like to draw pictures of light onto buildings. At a stroke, the walls become picture rails on which to hang line effects, cut-outs and drawn steel structures, like a series of singular openings and frames for the landscape.
Designed with respect to the space
Making good use of the architectural features, of a vault or an old storehouse to give character to a laundry room or a kitchen. The only rule: a connection between the existing building and the creative effort. It's the delicate art of matching a conservatory to a tiled floor or a glass panel; or a stone wall with the brick chimney of a barbecue.
A page of poetry in an ivory tower
Could Montaigne have inspired this literary hideaway? This tower of white pages written by Sara Giunta, this splendid bookcase climbing high under a vaulted ceiling....... the architecture tells it's story: retreating into an ivory tower, constructed from plaster tiles, lime-rendered, custom-designed, with it's alcove in which to nestle an armchair for a man of books.
“Handmade” terracotta
 Make way for an everyday material to bestow it's splendour on the architecture. In keeping with the character of the place, 18th century terracotta bricks have been skillfully laid in a simple and traditional pattern. The same as the work of a couturier, for a fashion show involving fireplaces or vaulted passages.
Living the landscape
Adapting architecture to the environment is essential for creating a sense of well-being. A house the colour of earth, blending into nature; a hidden entrance under the grapevine; a gaze that escapes into the garden along a moss-covered pathway.... “For us the plants and the buildings go hand in hand”.


La Maison de Charrier Boutique
1, faubourg Saint Esprit
06560 Valbonne, France


Bureau d'études Spirito Montalto
1, faubourg Saint Esprit
06560 Valbonne, France


Conception, design & integration