A line of exclusive furniture from La Maison de Charrier
Designed with the rigorous, precise lines of two architects, the many items of furniture - a bedside table, a stepladder - designed by La Maison de Charrier underline the minimalist work of Sara and Jean-Luc. With the same subtle colours, architecture and decoration join together to create the worlds of hotels and houses.
Bathrooms adapted to the architecture
"In our bathrooms, the focus is on elegance and originality. They are cocooned in the architecture, polished by bespoke design and as sleek as a beauty salon". An alcove is a perfect spot for adouble washbasin made from rough stone, and antique wood-panels, fitted the entire length of a wall, frame the bath like a portrait.
Our childhood journey trough imagination
This child's bedroom was inspired by "The Little Prince" by Saint Exupery. Against a backdrop of wood panelling, cherubs, airplanes among the stars and a cabin-bed by Mathilde Labrouche, is a world of tenderness and poetry, inhabited, like a happy planet, by children's dreams.
Design me......a dream refuge
Sara and Jean-Luc love to create bedrooms which have an air of intimacy, sanctuaries for the canopy beds that you find there. Each one has it's character.... Monastic, with two double beds - originally from a convent - with four posters and tumbling linen; in the manner of a country house, with a screen in the 18th century Italian style; almost religious, with a bed constructed from four 18th Century columns, beneath a chapel-like roof.
Decoration as a game of shapes
Playing with geometric lines, materials, colours.....for all forms of project, surprising the eye is almost mandatory. Here, a dressing table is silhouetted against a background of stone and distressed oak. Here again, a floor rolls out a dark carpet of hexagons across a thousand pale shades of terracotta tile.
The luxury of a la carte details
"The detail is equally important". Like the work of a master craftsman, it is a question of highlighting the decor through careful choice and fittings that are both practical and beautiful. Complementary bathroom taps, or a deep-fryer integrated into a Molteni stove, ceiling lights specially tracked down for a particular spot, or a wine cellar, made to order from old oak casks.... it's the little things that make the difference.


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