The Complicity of past and present
What a compliment, when the artist Patrick des Gachons rests his contemporary gaze on the gable of an old Provençal farmhouse on the Côte d'Azur: hand in hand, art and architecture meet in the same square of blue sky.
The Magic of the Intangible
There is a beauty that man can never fully master: that of time eroding stone, or of light dancing like the sea beneath a pergola, casting a spell over the foliage. At most, he can make it his muse, learn to observe it, and provide a framework to the fleeting.
Walking among the works of nature
  Built by the very essence of nature, the works of Andy Goldsworthy, and those of other artists working on Land Art, are more than geometric sculptures and, inevitably, strike a chord with Sara and Jean-Luc. Rooted like an avenue of trees in the perspective of a place, they are the cornerstones between architecture and landscape.
Nature is the essence of our inspiration
"We love nature in all the variety of it's landscapes. Limitless, abundant, vast, fertile...this gift of the earth is an infinite source, and we return to it again and again, drawing on it's harmony”.
Precious traces of the past…
A piece of string, a forgotten item, a memory, a moment of nostalgia, the smallest thing can evoke a desire to accentuate, to adapt. It's about conserving a trace of the past and showcasing it in a different way.

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